Sweet Candy Match 3
Sweet Candy Match 3

Sweet Candy Match 3

Unity Game Template – Sweet Candy Match 3 Sweet Candy Match 3 is a great...

Unity Game Template – Sweet Candy Match 3

Sweet Candy Match 3 is a great complete project in the genre of classic match-3 games, with many goals and obstacles. Super customizable and easy to use. After the purchase, you will have a project of the highest quality with perfect support.

We have years of experience in creating games for mobile platforms. And we know – you need not just a game, you need a convenient and customizable project. Project that will help you create your own, unique game SUPER EASY. Sweet sugar is the best solution for you. Just try it!
APK Demo: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-DCBha2UXn3gSiwuOI-UZiN-5617XSal

– Full Complete Match-3 Project
– Doesn’t require the skills of a programmer – Ready for Publishing
– Mini Game (Bonus Spin)
– Daily Rewards
– Dynamic Reskin System
– Layered PSD Map
– 6 colorful game items + 3 types for each item (stripe, package and marmalade)
– Gravity system (set the directions to the movement of items on a game field)
– System of creating several game fields for one level
– Rewarded video
– Optimized for Mobile
– Coins Shop
– Booster Shop
– Lead border
– Friends on a map
– Fantastic Visual Effects
– Great sound Effects
– Many Combos
– Level EDITOR
– Clean and Flexible Source Code
– SUPER Easy for Reskin
– Facebook Sharing
– 100 tested levels
– Localized Price
– Professional Design
– Great Support

– Requires Unity Unity 2020.1.17f1 or higher versions
– Xcode to build for iOS
– Please read the documentation for instruction on how to setup and reskin. Documentation is located at the path Assets/SweetSugar/Documentation. Thanks.

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